ID.prove reliably checks your business contacts against lists of all kinds

In addition to the official worldwide embargoes, we offer you many useful additional functions that protect your business even better against threats.

Weltweite Sanktionslisten

Global sanctions lists

The sanctions and embargoes of the EC Terrorism Regulation. US lists and many more...


VAT ID check

Check the validity of your VAT IDs with our new function.


Insolvency data

With the insolvency data check you will find out early on whether your business partner has filed for insolvency.

Extended Checks

Extended checks

PEPs, Bad Press, 50%-Rule – with us you have the possibility to perform many different checks.

The basis of ID.prove are the worldwide sanctions lists which are published in irregular intervals by the respective countries. The sanction lists can contain persons, companies, associations, ships and airplanes. The entries in the sanctions lists are usually subject to a comprehensive ban on making them available.

With ID.prove the lists of the following countries can be checked, among others: Germany, EU, USA, Japan, Canada, Switzerland, England, Australia, etc.

In all licenses the user has a new feature available, which is especially useful for bookkeeping is a relief. The ID.prove-USt-ID Check gives you the opportunity, the manual or automated* verification of VAT ID numbers. You see before a Invoicing or delivery of goods, whether the customer's VAT identification number is valid. The Frequency, whether weekly, monthly, etc., can be determined by the user will be.

Advantage of the VAT ID check:
For you as seller in the EU zone: If you issue an invoice to a company in the EU area, you must you do not charge sales tax. Important: You and your customer must have a valid VAT ID number own. Only then can a net invoice be issued.

For you as buyer in the EU zone: If you are a company in the EU area and provide goods or services purchase, the value added tax is not applicable. For this purpose, a valid VAT ID number of both parties must be given.

It happens again and again that you accept an order and your part of the order but the last instalment or the entire payment is not made. After you have been reminded several times, you will learn far too late about the insolvency of the customer. The damage has already been incurred by you and you must pay your outstanding claim to the insolvency administrator and hope that you will still get a few percent of the actual amount. Here you can The insolvency monitor of ID.prove will help you.

In parallel to checking your customers against the current sanctions lists, the insolvency monitor carries out a check against the data of the insolvency register. You will therefore be informed directly after a check, whether one of your customers has filed for insolvency. Now you can start the delivery of the goods or the Stop execution of the commissioned service and limit the loss. Ideally located the goods are still with you and you can talk to the insolvency administrator from a better position negotiate.

In some cases, more extensive checks need to be carried out in addition to the sanctions lists. You can use the following data in ID.prove in addition to the worldwide sanctions lists:

  • PEPs – Politically exposed persons + family members
  • Bad Press - Adverse Media – negative media presence
  • SOC - State Owned Companys
  • SOR – Sanction ownership research – 50%-Rule
  • Beneficial ownership


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