Simple operation, fast and reliable

More than 15 years of experience in handling huge amounts of data make ID.prove the tool of your choice when checking against any kind of sanctions lists. With specially developed features and a flexible structure, you are guaranteed to find your solution.


Unlike a regular whitelist, DeltaLogic constantly monitors changes to your already classified hits.


Matching algorithm

Less irrelevant hits: With the matching algorithm, the software displays fewer "false positives".

Core function

ID.prove was developed to check your customer, supplier and personnel data against the current sanctions lists.
The examination of the persons under embargo is automatically recorded in an evidence-proof manner.

Modular design

ID.prove has been realised in a modular way which enables an optimal adaptation to your needs. All versions of ID.prove presented in the following are based on each other. You will find more a detailed information in our versions overview.


By analysing your requirements and work processes, you can save a lot of money and effort. We offer you the optimal product for your requirements and thus often create a great cost advantage over the competition.

Single user solution: CORE

ID.prove is installed on a computer in a complete, self running version. This contains its own database so that all relevant data such as settings, search accuracy, own blacklist, search results and protocols can be stored and managed.

The user can check a name, receives the result immediately and can return directly to his original work process. In addition to individual queries, the convenient and freely configurable list check also allows existing existing customers, employees or further lists to be checked. All legally prescribed regulations and requirements such as the immediate audit-proof logging of the search process or also regular checks of the master data are complied with by ID.prove in accordance with the law.

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Network solutions

In a network solution, the program is also installed on each computer, but here all relevant settings and sanctions lists are stored in a central database. In addition, the job control module is installed on a server, which handles various batch and background tasks for you.

An update of the settings or sanctions lists thus has an immediate effect on all connected programs in the network. Uniform and up-to-date working of all networked computers is thus guaranteed.

The test protocols are clearly archived in a storage location and can be viewed at any time. The use in a terminal environment (e.g. Citrix or terminal server) is also supported by ID.prove and offers the same range of functions and comfort as the single user or network solution.

Web client

The installation on a client is not necessary. The access takes place via the Intranet/Internet and offers the user the full functional possibilities of ID.prove. No matter whether individual checks, list checks or hit classification - comfort and flexibility are the focus here.

The retention of your previous corporate identity is fully guaranteed, i.e. your work platform remains unchanged. The standardised, platform-independent SOAP interface and the possibility of connecting to existing business solutions via XML ensure simple and uncomplicated integration with existing applications.

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ERP system integration and ERP monitor

The ID.prove job control service is installed on a server and regularly checks the customer data stored in your ERP system. The compliance official receives an email log after each check.

If ID.prove recognises a hit, a blocking note is automatically set in the ERP system. All processes belonging to the customer are now stopped. The compliance officer, who has an ID.prove workstation, checks the found hit and classifies it. Depending on the classification, the blocking note is removed by ID.prove if necessary and the processes are released again. Through a combination with the ID.prove web service, integrated "Just-in-Time" checks can be carried out from your ERP system.

The ERP monitor offers you the possibility to monitor your database in real time, i.e. if something changes in the data record in your database - be it only an address change - this entry is immediately checked.


The job control module is integrated in the above mentioned network solutions. It was developed to offer the highest level of comfort. Recurring inspections are carried out automatically via server service without additional work or time expenditure for the employees in the company.

Time-controlled sanctions list imports and list checks, automatic e-mail notifications to any number of recipients or access via ODBC to various databases (even worldwide) are thus enabled.

Business processes are only marginally affected by the requirements for compliance with the EC Anti-Terrorism Regulation and it can be excluded that a test run is forgotten.

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ID.prove is made by rausoft GmbH.

For more than 15 years now more than 1000 clients have been working with our compliance software.


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